i dont know what kind is it --"

9 minutes to midnight..
I still awaken and not feel sleepy yet.
Im just alone and lonely, oh no.. im not alone, God always near, and the angel still watching me doing anything and write it on The Deed Book of Mine, then i have to ready for justification, one day. Astaghfer Allah ...
I just couldnt explain my mind tonight. As you know, i dont even interested to be an author anymore. My skill was lost since i know, that i didnt have enough ‘art skill’ to become author. If you say that im givin up, youre right, perhaps im slowly givin up...

My finger still dancing on the keyboard. Push the alphabets then push the delete one. Huh.. i dont even know what i have to write in this time. Caffeine makes my ideas gone. Is that true, caffeine? You should be make interuption for my statement. You should make the ideas closer to me, not like right now. Make them go away, easily,quickly..

What should i think on this midnight? Any idea guys? I need inspiration, but a part of my brain says that i have to create it, not looking for it. Hmmm, rational. But im lazy enough to make my brain works in this situation. As you know, the thing that i always think every night is : am i have any chance to open my eyes tomorrow? Retoric . ya, more than just retoric. 

Where is my coffee? The mug was empty since last hour. Somebody please, make me a cup of coffee on this cold night, please..even just on a little cup, i need it right now to make this cold away from me..
As not usual, tonight the rain doesnt come and touch the earth. The moon covered by thick cloud, it looks like frozen moon, but its beauty doesnt lost . i still could see how pretty it is. White round circle, full of mystery, oh.. subhan Allah ...

Do you wanna join with me to do something that u never expect before?
Ya, enter the finger to the nose hole :D . haha, dont be scare, im just kidding.. i dont and i wont. It just wasting time, isn’t ? hufft... this instrument  i play on winamp still cannot makes me sleepy ! ya, i should be blame the caffein, not the instrument !
At 3.00 am, i have to wake up earlier than other because i have to wash so many dirty plates, glasses, etc. Thats already my job, ya...especially for me.. then i have to prepare sahur for asyura celebration on Muharram, 10.

I just havent sleepy yet ! help ! i cant do tahajud prayer if im not sleep at all tonight. Its absolutely my fault to drink coffee and took a lot of nap, so i cant close my eyes yet. I do regret !
It seems that , i want more glass of coffee tonight, but nobody serves me. I hate to being like this ! although i could do it by my self, but i want a little form of another attention. 

Perhaps, it would be nice if i had a spouse. In this cold and long night, we could talk a lot of everything about each other, about our marriage, about our children, hei... is it to far for the teen like me? I love to creating a dream .. wkwkwk
It would be nice when i serve a cup of coffee for you, and the another one for me. We could sit together in the warm livingroom, watching film, listening music, reading a book, or anything we want. We could talk heart to heart on silence night. 

Oh God, how lucky i am to have a female cat that i called Mengky. She’s very faith. He accompany me to spend this cold night together. Oh mengky, dont go away from me, okay ? you are my beloved cat, im not sure if i loose you,i will strong enough to face my day without you. You are a part of so many reasons that build my life become cheerfull .
Aissh, apparently my sista not sleep yet. She still walking around the living room. I dont know why she did it. It seems like, she dont have any usefull things to do except spend her calories by her way. Uh Nabila... i love you so much, more than i love my self , did you know that, bawel ?? :D

Still not getting any idea. Where is the sleepy? Im waiting for you. Haduuuuuh... in this midnight, i want to take a pee, really ! i didnt have any bravely to go to the bathroom just by my self, i want someone accompany me. Mom, please wake up, and accompany me for a moment !
Maybe, i have to wait untill 3.am ! what ?? are you kidding ! 2 hours more left to 3 a.m !

Adding mocca and tompi’s songs to the playlist. Wish that sleepy will come soon with this song.
Wait a moment, i want to visite my facebook account :D
The loading makes me want to chewing the pillow ! so long !
Haha, theres nothing WOW on it !
Haha, who did added What if by mocca on my playlist? Is that me? Oh God...  it just make my worried grow up more bigger. And then, i Remember by Mocca . wow wow wow ! it makes me want to sing along follow the vocalist, but if i do that, im pretty sure, my neighbour will knock the door and throw their garbage to my face ! :D
Ahaaaa....now playing Do What You Wanna Do by Mocca ! youve gonna do what you wanna do, say what you wanna say now ! ska bro...makes my spirit grow up ! 

Hufft... am i waking you up, mom?
Im so sorry, dont hit me by the broom because im singing. Im so sorry mom, really, i dont mean to waking you up. If my voice not suitable with your ear, please just keep it on your heart , dont tell it to me because i will be more frustrated with your ‘honesty’ . hehe .. 

Tak pernah setengah hati by Tompi ? delete ah delete !
How if MCR ? Simple Plan ? Secondhand Serenade ?
No no no, i’ve decided. And the choosen songs is taken from Maher Zain ! wkwk...

At least, i have to end this post ! doesnt good post ? MEMANG !!! im absolutely agree with ur opinion :D


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